DuPont Pharma Tubing Products 制药级硅胶管产品

Product targeted specifically for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology applications: ultra-pure fluid transfer
in drug production, sterile processing, filling and packaging, SUS, etc.
产品的目标市场锁定在制药与生物制药领域: 药物生产中超纯液体传输,灭菌,灌装和包装,一次性使用
Produced from Biomedical Grade Silicone Elastomer 由生物医疗级弹性体制成
Silicone elastomer and tubing made on a GMP and dedicated Healthcare Materials site registered with
the FDA有机硅弹性体原料和硅胶管是在具有GMP认证并在FDA注册的专属医疗健康材料生产基地生产
Platinum cure 铂金硫化
High purity and cleanliness 高纯度,高净度
3 Durometers 3 种硬度: 50, 6580邵氏A硬度
Many customization options 多种定制选择